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August 2012

OpenNMS, how to start.

Before starting to work in a real company,  I didn’t know anything about devices monitoring. When I arrived there the most impressing thing was how much the Team cares about knowing at every time how was the status of all the devices we need to manage. For that reason there were already installed, and properly configured, the most “popular” monitoring softwares like Nagios, Cacti & SmokePing. All of them are complementary each other, with the exception of Nagios that with 3rd part plugins can become more powerful than as it is out of the box.

In order to avoid a continuos switch from these 3 tools, we start a project  for introducing a pretty new  monitoring software called OpenNMS: our original purpose was to use a unique software for monitoring the infrastructure.  During the past 6 months I focused completely into customising and learning this software and I would like to express my experience about it…

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