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March 2013

OUCE 2013, let’s start with a real community.

Welcome back! The distance was about 750 kilometers: 6 hours spent on these impressively fast highways and passed through amazing views like “ZugSpitze” & FernPass. Honestly I have to say it was a good decision this reunion at OUCE 2013.

OUCE means OpenNMS User Conference Europe, and this was the fifth edition. Well at first I thought it was the 3rd or the 2nd official event in the Europe, since it’s still a “work in progress” event, but Markus (a guy involved directly into OpenNMS Group) addressed me to the correct number of times. Compared to the last year it seemed more a “User Conference”, lots of speakers proposed several topics, users were more involved and partecipative to discussions and the number of people seemed to be higher. It was also the first opportunity to talk about the creation of the new OpenNMS Foundation, a no-profit Foundation which will helps OpenNMS to live “autonomously” without the need of OpenNMS Group (the Company). Even if there has not been a deep discussion, as expected, this time I felt like being in a kind of community which seemed to grow!

So what are we waiting for? There’s a good amount of people “involved” and “attracted” by this product, but they’re still missing a good community to support it for “users”. At the moment the only trace of  community  it’s a sort of mailing list in different languages. As I said also to OpenNMS “guys”, I don’t really like it. I get spammed everyday with tons of posts regarding beginners who are not able to install OpenNMS on the most diverse operating systems of the world, updates not working and so on… Following and searching on a mailing list nowadays it is no more up to date. Why don’t we think about a forum/website, just for users? It could also be the start to create a good user documentation to complete the existing “poor” one from OpenNMS Group.