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February 2015

Clustering a file system with CentOS 7

This time I wanted to build up a Cluster for GeoServer. Suppose to have many requests to serve and tasks processed are really high cpu intensive, what you would initially think as first option is to put 2 GeoServers and with a simple proxy balancer switch the traffic 50-50 to each of the 2 nodes. That’s correct, but since the 2 instances have their own “installation” directory they could theoretically provide different data, styles, shapefiles, users and so on.

As explained in many documents or books (e.g “Geoserver. Beginner’s Guide“)  the concurrence is not a problem for data who reside on DBs, but what happens for other useful data? (shapefiles and styles in particular). You should pay twice the space, by duplicating them, and moreover you should keep care of syncing all of them!

What was suggested, even from the link of above, was to think about a clustered file system. So how could you do it? Trash away all the documentation about ricci, lucci and so on these stuffs are outdated.

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