about me

Who am I

Hi everybody I’m Alessandro Rosa’, an Italian guy graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Padova. I was born in nineteen eighty-something in the city of Rovereto, somewhere in the north of Italy. After finishing a High School diploma in Computer Science, I settled down in Padova to continue my studies. At the end of 2011 I finished a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Since then I’m a full time IT specialist.

My main tasks are software development, IT infrastructure monitoring/improvement, take care of customer’s bugs/issues and last but not least, learning new technologies, frameworks and systems. This website is my portfolio for showing what I’m usually doing, a place to remember cool stuff I’ve done during this years and hopefully another useful website for other people dealing with my topics and issues.

What I do for living


I design cool web apps: backend and frontend skills. Preferred languages are C#, Java, Javascript.  The websites and CMSs (mostly WordPress) I develop are just for fun and not as full time employee.


TCP/IP protocols, networks, subnets, subnet masks, routing, firewalls, switches, CAT 5e, 6, 7, SNMP monitoring, VLANs. I feel comfortable designing and troubleshooting ICT architectures.


I’m able to automated software deployment using continuous integrations tools, create Docker containers and connect them to create reliable and redundant systems.


In love with mountains and peaks, it has been really easy to be captured by this amazing sport.  Free-heels ascents and free ride descents it’s the way I’d like to spend my spare time.