In my life I learned

” I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.”

My Skills

C# Middleware Development80%


Angular 640%

VMware Virtualization95%

Linux Lover100%


Software Developer:
* Middleware .NET Developer. Web API 2, ASP.NET 4.6+
* Full Stack JAVA Developer. Middleware REST Services. Frontend technologies Angular 6, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Jquery.

Systems Engineer:
* Docker newbie
* VMware Virtualization support. Fully proficient.
* Computer/Server network management and NMS (network monitoring system) expert.
* Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure management & delivery knowledge.


SAP IT Infrastructure Manager (since 2013):

* Understand and oversee the SAP infrastructure landscape including interfaces to third party systems
* Represent the main contact for specific SAP infrastructural questions
* Create, maintain and provide architectural documentation
* Coordinate external partners on infrastructure level.
* Ensure a smooth execution of system changes by providing knowledge and by focusing on a proper flow of information between parties
* Collaborate with designer SAP Business Application Project Manager covering the technical aspects

IT Infrastructure:

* Network wired and wireless (design and implementation) & NMS (Network Monitoring Systems). Products used: ProCurve, Fortinet, Riverbed and Cisco.
* HW Virtualization: especially WMware products.
* Scripting & process automation: Windows/Unix environment.

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